Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rhino Ferret NB-05 Notebook Cooler

fan - exhaust port

Hooks and air intake

usb powered


- picked it up from fry's a few weeks ago for $12-$12 MIR = free
- The idea is it has some spring loaded metal hooks on the end which attaches to the exhaust vents of your notebook to help draw air out faster. It actually doesn't fit my dell inspiron 8600. The hooks are pretty big so you need rather large vent slits/holes.
- I don't really care since I never planned to actually use this with my notebook. I just thought a small compact free usb powered fan might come in handy in future fan mod projects on some other piece of home electronics.
- Air flow seems pretty good. It's very quiet on the low setting but quite loud on the high setting.

Eh...It was free and it might just come in handy someday.


Unknown said...

purchased this for my PC and it works like a charm!! I've used cooling pads and their not as effective as this little guy! best investment to make!

Anonymous said...

Rudy did your laptop have heating issues and would turn off before you used this little fan? I just bought it and its helping a lot! My laptop would turn off all the time within 2o minutes of use due to heat. I put this gadget in and its running like a charm for 4 hours straight so far!

Unknown said...

I have a 14' Lenovo X60s machine that it'll get so hot under my right palm, I couldn't take it anymore! When I first purchased laptop wasnt like that, people told me to open machine and dust it off with compressed air, that helped but problem kept coming back. I know people with similar issues as yours with PC shutting down due to overheating but I couldn't stand carrying a bulky cooling pad. This little compact Rhino Ferret is the BEST!!