Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thrustmaster T-Wireless NW Wii Classic Controller

$20 at amazon:

- A little small but pretty comfortable. It's definitely easier to grip than the tiny Wii Classic Controller.
- Controls: pads, buttons seem to work fine.
- It is essentially a gamecube wavebird replacement. It will work with any gamecube game or any virtual console game that supports the gamecube controller. It does NOT work with any game that specifically requires the Wii Classic Controller (like Geometry Wars Galaxies). It does have nice rumble support though unlike the wavebird.
- Basically it makes a pretty nice gamecube/virtual console controller. It's not a 1:1 substitute for a Wii Classic controller.
- Uses 3XAAA batteries.
- Requires the use of the gamecube controller port dongle that kind of awkwardly sticks out of the top.

For $20 it's not a bad value especially if you don't have a wavebird and still play gamecube/virtual console games.

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