Monday, November 05, 2007

Guild Wars Eye of the North (GWEN PC)

Warning! Potential minor spoilers in the following screenshots:

- Finished GWEN main storyline with the elem.
- Pretty short if you skip all the optional dungeons (I've only done 5 so far).
- Easier than any of the other games. You can pretty easily hench the entire game if you want. I found the last boss incredibly easy. I just grabbed some random henches and beat him in 5 min. I believe the bulk of the challenge is in the dungeons which I found overall longer and more challenging.
- Every place is an explorable area so you can always rez so no need to worry about full party wipes.
- I like the new consumables you can craft (which require 1 skill point). Finally a use for my 100+ skill points. Perfect Salvage kit FTW!
- Fun mini games like the norn arena and kilroy punchout. I still need to try polymock.
- I like the new PvE only skills and getting them for free as quest rewards. Overall there are some worthwhile new skills in GWEN.
- Henches have updated (and much improved I might add) skill bars.
- Some quests tend to spawn multiple sub quests and it's hard to tell when is the next stopping point. You might be doing 3 chained quests before you get to another town/outpost.
- Dungeons entrances are not always that close to a warp point. It usually requires you to fight your way there.
- Still need to decide what to spend my green key on.
- Still need to populate my hall of monuments.

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