Friday, May 18, 2007

Func 1030 MBA Mousing Surface

If you are serious about your mousing surface take a look at the func 1030:

I have two of the original 1030's. The problem I had with the first one is after about 2 years the rubber frame started to warp and then the surface itself would no longer sit flat.

They came out with the limited MBA (Machined Billet Aluminum) version which of course should never warp.

I've tried everglide, ratpadz, etc. and I always come back to the func 1030 for serious gaming. I just really like the feel of their surface (smooth side).

FYI I think the archtype has now replaced this model. Just whatever you do make sure you get an aluminum frame model. Also, func pads tend to be on the smaller side. So if you like really big mouse pads these are probably not for you.

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