Sunday, October 22, 2006

Gameboy Micro (20th Anniversary Edition)

- I've been wanting one of these just to complete my gameboy hardware collection.
- Price dropped to $70 at Circuit City
- comes with a pouch. No extra faceplates with this edition.
- screen is very bright and clear with multiple levels of brightness. I had no problems reading text in Phantasy Star.
- The cross pad is excellent, and I was able to pull off sf2 moves easily. The face buttons are fine but you have to hit the sholder buttons either in the center or the inner edge to get them to trigger. Pressing them on the outter edge doesn't register.
- Has it's own charger that isn't compatible with any other gameboy.
- Standard headphone jack.
- The single speaker isn't very loud and your right thumb usually blocks it a bit further muffling the sound.
- battery is user removable and is claimed to last 6 - 10 hrs.
- The size is almost the same as my cell phone. It would be great if they could build a GBA into a cell phone.

Ok for the price. It would be better at $50 though but they are getting hard to find. Good for collectors.

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