Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dead Rising (XBOX 360)

- I just finished 72hr mode with the best "A" ending saving 23 people on my first run through. I'm level 39 now.
- This opened up overtime mode for another 24hrs of game time to get the real ending. (1:6 between real time:game time).
- Update: just finished overtime mode and got the true ending. I'm Level 40 now.
- I'll just say right off the bat that I really like this game but there are just some bone headed things it does that drives me crazy.
- Everybody has heard about the save system but It's not too horrible if you have at least one memory card and a X360 save transfer kit. I basically do all my risky saves to the HD. Once I get to a good safe point in the game, I save to the memory card and then immediately back it up to my PC. That way I can never blow my entire game and have to start over. Now, if you only have an HD then yeah you are basically SCREWED!
- AI path finding is just horrible. Ok, I understand that part of it is by design (the state of the survivor, injuries, etc) but come on. Before you get to the vent there is a ledge they have to climb up. I don't know how many times I'm sitting there running short on time and the two survivors are just sitting there running into each other, neither climbing, while I'm running around screaming "come on." It's like they get into a deadlock of who is going to climb first but since neither can stand in the exact climbing spot they just sit there running at each other and going nowhere. I was so frustrated I chained sawed two survivors right there on the spot. If they got rid of that one ledge and made it into a ramp it would have made a BIG difference.
- why isn't there a save point before the last boss fight?????
- The rest of the game is pretty awesome. The plot is just way out there but I love the characters (both the good guys and the psychos). I always look forward to the in engine cut scenes which are very graphically impressive.

Here are some tips. (WARNING some minor SPOILERS)
-Power level before you even start for around three hours. Try to at least get to the first speed level up (what gets leveled is kind of random). I would say around level 15 to 20 is good. I used Erik's great guide to power leveling.
- Kill adam the clown the first chance you get. He has THE best weapon in the game. Make sure you grab his two mini chainsaws. Triple book them and the two chainsaws will last you for the entire first 72hrs easily and makes killing bosses much MUCH easier. The chainsaws respawn if you ever need more. Each one can kill around 1200-1500 zombies before breaking.
- After case 2 things get a lot easier. But with the chainsaws and books even case 2 wasn't too tough. I had no problems finishing it on time.
- When you have some time to kill go get the maintenance tunnel key.
It will make the bomb section much easier. In fact I got 4/5 bombs from running around in the mall and going down with the key to get the bombs and then going right back up. The last one I drove to.
- Typically I carry 2 mini chainsaws, a ranged weapon (sub machine gun or nail gun), 3 books, and a few health items (wine or nectar from blending orange juice + orange juice).
- just run and jump kick the last boss over and over. Stand on the lower part of the tank. As the boss falls from the turret level down to your level jump kick him. Your forward momentum toward the higher turret level will make the boss think you are going up there (though you actually don't). That will make him climb back up. Just repeat several times to beat him.

interactive map

It says something that even though I really hate games with poor save systems I STILL highly recommend this game. It's just that good and different from anything you have played before.

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