Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ninety Nine Nights (XBOX 360)

I finally tried the demo.
- Why can't I play as the chick? I'm stuck with the typical androgenous male character.
- Graphics are very pretty. The models look great, even the enemies and there are a LOT visible on screen at one time with really no noticeable slow down. I'm pretty impressed by the engine.
- The camera is a bit too zoomed in for my taste but I can kind of see why they did it. With so many enemies (and friendlies) all on the screen at the same time I can barely make out where I am. They even draw big arrows to help you locate the enemy b/c otherwise I can't tell who's who in the big brawl.
- There's still some fogging but less noticeable.
- It's a tough unforgiving game. There seems to be no checkpoints at all. I decided to explore the demo level a bit and took some side paths. I took it slow and as long as you stay with your men you do pretty well. Well, eventually they all died and I was pretty much alone. At this point it's hard to stay alive. So I ran to the mission objective, I get a cutscene, and then I died. Yup start all over from the beginning. There are some really logical checkpoint points in the game yet there are NONE.
- The music is pretty good.
- It's the prettiest Dynasty Warriors clone I've seen yet with a nice Japanese rpg style to it but I'm not sure I'm up for this level of challenge (read: frustration).

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