Sunday, July 30, 2006

Prey (PC)

- I did it pretty much in a single day. It took around 9hrs.
- Overall the pacing was pretty good. It got a bit repetitive a few times after about hour 6 or so but then they would always throw in something really cool every 15 or 30 min.
- There are somethings you have never seen in a shooter: sense of scale, mini planets, incredible use of portals, gravity changes, not a single ladder in the whole game (instead you just walk up special walls/ceilings), some flight levels which reminds me of descent.
- There are some really stand out incredible levels/puzzles that utilize all the above, I just wish there were more of these wow moments.
- Lots of run and gun in tight quarters with a few wide open areas thrown in between.
- A bit too many flying levels toward the end for my taste.
- It's almost like playing with god mode on since you can't actually ever die. You just enter the spirit realm and play a mini game. Gosh If I have to play that mini game one more time....
- So health all of a sudden doesn't become that important but ammo does. The only time I ever quick loaded was when I thought I wasted too much ammo.
- Use the leech gun, a lot, to save ammo on other weapons (especially toward the end).
- Really nice graphics, great use of the doom 3 engine. Quite a few glowing elements sort of like in Tron. There's this cool effect (I wish it was used more) where you see the level build and assemble itself right before your eyes.
- Nice mix of weapons that look different but still plays very familiar to other shooters. No need reload though.
- A few new casino/arcade games are available that are a step above punching a turkey.
- There's a tiny level after the credits.
- Tried the X360 demo briefly. It pretty much looks exactly the same though framerate was a little choppy at the beginning. I hear it gets better after the first part. Still, very playable and pretty good controls for a console shooter.

A very solid shooter with some truly unique elements that you have never seen/played before. If it had just a few more wow moments this game would have been really great.

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