Friday, February 24, 2006

Fight Night Round 3 (XBOX 360)

- $48 at frys
- I created my own boxer (the options are pretty extensive. almost like creating a rpg character) and started career mode. I've won two fights so far and completed a training session before each fight which helps boost your stats. The manual is pretty skimpy and you pretty much have to figure out what to do in the training mini games all by yourself.
- I tried the original xbox FNR3 (at least it supports 480p wide screen) and compared it against the x360 version. Yeah there is no comparison in the graphics department. Gameplay wise if you leave the HUD on it's pretty close I'll have to admit. Yeah I'm a graphics whore. I'll pay more for pretty pictures.
- One of the big selling points on the x360 is that you are suppose to leave the hud off and just use graphic cues to determine the state of your boxer and your opponent which is how a real boxer does it. Ummm it's a game. I like hud's. At least it's a simple option you can toggle.
- ring girls.
- I've read talks about intrusive advertising but so far I've haven't noticed ANY advertising graphics or audio. Maybe it's because I'm such a lowly fighter right now and don't have any "sponsors" yet?
- When you get knocked out you have a little mini game to get back up.
- I really enjoyed the demo and this full version doesn't disappoint. I've never played any of the other FN's before so the right analog stick for punches feels really innovative.

The demo is a pretty good representation of what you will get in the full version. I loved the demo so I really like the full version. Give it a try and see if it's your type of game.

Highly recommended.

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