Thursday, October 29, 2009

Razer Orochi Bluetooth Gaming Mouse

Mac software seems to be missing some functionality that the pc version has like button customization/profiles. Hopefully they will add it soon.

- Picked it from amazon for a sickening price of $80!!! It is NOT cheap.
- It's the first bluetooth mouse I found built specifically for gaming.
- Works perfectly fine with the built in bluetooth on my macbook pro and Dell Inspiron 8600. No drivers required.
- Most importantly it's got all the buttons I require and then some in the right place. The two buttons on the right side are used for on the fly sensitivity adjustment by default. What I really like are the forward/back buttons are placed just right.
- The mouse is still smaller than a standard mouse. When will companies figure out that I'd rather have a nice normal size mouse than saving an inch of storage space.
Still, it's one of the more comfortable and usable notebook mice.
- It uses standard 2XAA batteries so you can use your own rechargeable batteries if you want.
- It is convertible! Attach the included usb cable (nicely braided, 3ft) and you've got a wired mouse with increased precision! Bluetooth precision was fine but wired is even better for those situations where you might need it. It's also needed to change some of the features on the mouse like the mouse wheel light (when enabled it only comes on when you move the mouse) and storing settings in the on board memory. There are drivers for both mac and pc for use while in wired mode. The usb cable mode cannot be used to recharge batteries.
- There is a power button on the underside.
- Scroll wheel is a nice ratchet one good for gaming.
- Comes with a nice carrying case.
- Packaging reminds me of apple.
- There is a new version of the firmware (1.03) that I need to try out. The firmware installer is for windows only.

Recommended though maybe not at the current price. I feel it's the best bluetooth mouse I've used (with the best button placement) yet but at $80 it's a little hard to recommend when you can get Microsoft presenter 8000 for half the price. Is it worth it? Only if you want the best bluetooth mouse (no dongle!!!) for gaming currently available at any price.

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