Friday, October 30, 2009

ProClip iPhone Car Mount

You can see the groove here which holds the iphone nicely while still in its case:

This is the clip that is custom molded for you year/make/model of your car:

Tool used to wedge a little space to slip the above clip into place:

Acura TL Type-S 2007:

This is where you use the tool to make some space to slip the clip in.

After that it's just 4 quick screws to mount this plate on:

Adjust these 4 screws to get the width just right for your iphone with case on. The one screw in the middle you tighten from the other side depending on how tight you want the ball and socket joint:


Honda Pilot 2003:

- $40 Item No. 875214 - Adjustable Holder with Tilt Swivel
- $30 Item No. 853465 - ProClip Angled mount (Acura TL, 2007)

- The way pro clip works is kind of interesting. You buy it in two separate pieces. One half is custom fit for your device (and they have mounts for a lot of different devices). The other half is custom fit for your exact make/model/year of your car. It's kind of nice that if you switch devices you only have to buy that half of the mount (or if you change cars you buy the other half).
- Installation is stupid easy idiot proof. It comes with clear instructions. If you have a screwdriver you can get it installed in 5-10 min tops.
- The clip that is attached to the car is just held on by tension and friction. The plastic used is very heavy duty and looks like it won't ever crack. There is optional double sided sticky tape on the inside of the clip. I opted not to take off the backing for easier removal. You really don't need it. That clip is held in place very securely just from friction/pressure.
- Depending on the car, there are usually several options to choose from on where you want to place the mount. I chose lower passenger side for my car; my wife went lower driver side. It mostly works fine in that position except it's a little tight shifting out of park.
- The mount has a nice ball and socket joint so you can angle it or rotate the device.
- The mount part that grips your iphone has nice grooves on the side. Once you adjust the width you can have it fit as snug as you want. It feels very secure and works great with my iskin solo case.
- You have to supply your own charger. This is just a plain and simple mount.
- Works great with Navigon.

Hightly recommended. This is a really well designed high quality mount. It's a bit on the pricey side at $70 but I think it was worth it. It's very secure, looks very professional, and takes only minutes to install.

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