Friday, June 06, 2008

Samsung Slim DVD Burner SN-S082H

samsung on the left, original nec burner on the right

- $52 shipped from newegg:
- Samsung SN-S082H support page
- So I was tired of the crappy nec burner that came with my Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop. It was slow and wouldn't even recognize my Verbatim DVD+R blank media which is my preferred brand.
- I recently bought several Samsung SH-S203N burners for a couple of desktop machines I built and they are fantastic. So I figured I would try one of their slim laptop burners.
- Installation takes maybe 10 min.
- First you need to swap the faceplate. Eject the tray by inserting a small jewelry screwdriver or paper clip into the manual eject hole.

- Next, there are some plastic tabs you want to push in on either side using a small flat headed jewelry screwdriver. Swap the face plates and just snap them back in place.

- Now it's time to remove the original dvd drive from the dell specific plastic enclosure. Remove all the screws. There are 7 in total and they are different sizes so be extra careful to keep track of which screw goes in which hole.
- 2 screws on the back

- 2 on the smooth side:

- 2 on the angled side (one facing toward the side and one facing up)

- The one facing up was holding a little rectangular box which you can now slide out.

- This reveals the final screw which is down this deep hole on the side and is a bit difficult to spot.

- The drive should just slide out now

- Just swap the drives and put everything back together. The new drive looks perfect:

- I tried a few burns and it works so much better. 8X max so burns take around 10 min which is fine.


Unknown said...


thanks for your posts, I also own an 8600 and they have been great and super helpful.

A couple of questions, how did you determine the slim dvd would fit seemlesly (using the original plate and all) for the 8600?
Reason I ask, is because I am having a hard time finding the same model... and I would like to find an alternative.


ARogan said...

I think almost any slim burner will work since you are still going to use the original drive face plate and the "enclosure" bits around it. You are just swapping out the actual main drive housing which I think is pretty much a standard size on slim laptop style optical drives. I just prefer samsung but I bet one of the liteon drives at newegg would probably work too. If you want to make sure just google a bit and see if you can verify it.