Saturday, June 07, 2008

128MB MP3 Player (3201)

- So everybody at my wife's place of employment got this mp3 player for free for some sort of safety record.
- There is no model number or manual. While shutting down(hold down the play button) I noticed the text "ver 3201". A bit of googling and I think I found it:
- 128mb non expandable. With only 128BM you'll fit maybe 1.5 albums on there depending on bitrate.
- uses one AAA battery
- It's sort of like a large usb key drive with a usb connector built into the end. Comes up in windows just like any removable usb key drive. 128MB FAT. USB extension cord is included.
- The lever at the top also pushes in to act as button to access the menu. Here you can change a few settings as well as switch to voice recorder, EQ settings which go from bad to worse (some even introduce distortion, view memory stats, change the color of the LCD display, set random or shuffle modes, etc
- The player basically flattens your directory structure into a single list of all the mp3's in memory. You can also browse the songs in the current folder but I couldn't find a way to browse the list of folders.
- The hold button locks out the controls while it is on but it doesn't stop you from turning it on which seems kind of silly.
- The sound quality is pretty horrible for the most part. I first tried it with some sony headphones. The sound was flat with little bass or stereo separation. The EQ modes didn't really help and I think made things worse in general. I switched to the included headphones and yeah my clock radio sounds better. It was about AM radio quality.
- Voice recording worked ok. It records in wav format: 2 channel, 8khz, 4bit, 64kbs. What is odd was I couldn't get the wav to play back on the mp3 player. I could browse the voice files but none of them would play. They played fine on the pc using VLC. Recording quality is pretty bad with lots of noise introduced into the recording.

Since these things are given away as free corporate reward trinkets I'm sure they cost next to nothing to produce and it really shows. This is about the worst MP3 player I've ever used but hey it was free. I gave it to my kids to play with.

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