Thursday, March 30, 2006

Logitech Cordless Controllers

top to bottom: PC, PS2, XBOX

After falling in love with the X360 wireless controller, any controller with wires was starting to bug me. Here is a nice set of Logitech controllers that work pretty well. I'm usually very picky about my controllers and almost always prefer the first party controllers.

- Common: 2.4 ghz wireless, 30ft range, uses standard 2XAA batteries (NIMH rechargeable work great!), good battery life, NO LAG or interference with other 2.4 devices (I have my 802.11g AP and bluetooth in the same room as these controllers and there are no issues on either side), auto frequency hop so you can use multiple controllers simultaneously, good rumble, good weight, solid construction feel, size is just about right

- PC: $20 when on sale, usb, works great with mame, ps2 controller layout but with a superior digital pad IMO. This controller works and feels the best out of the three. If you don't mind wires though I still like the wired X360 controller as that is my favorite gamepad of all time right now.

- PS2: $32-40, everything is great about this pad. It has a really small dongle. The only very minor complaint is the resistance on the analog sticks are a bit on the light side. I find aiming in fps a bit too sensitive and too easy to over shoot your target even with sensitivity lowered in the game. Make sure you get the latest redesign and not the older design with the clear blue analog sticks. The new one has the black textured rubber like the other controllers

- XBOX: $32-40, This one isn't bad but It's my least favorite out of the 3. You can't use a headset. The memory slots are on the dongle so it makes it rather large. The trigger buttons have too much resistance to them. I can see maybe your hands hurting after long play periods with say a racing game that uses those triggers for gas and brake. The face buttons require a bit too much force to register. I've also read some possible long term reliability issues with those face buttons. The right analog stick is just a tad too far to the left so your thumb has to stretch just a tiny bit. The analog sticks are a bit loose for my taste just like the ps2 ones.

Overall I recommend all 3 products. Even though I had several issues with the XBOX controller I still think they are pretty minor and none of them are deal breakers.

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