Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad

Logitech Tablet Keyboard

- I picked this up for around $50 at amazon.
- The size and feel is very similar to the apple bluetooth keyboard.  So if you are familiar and happy with that chiclet styled keyboard you should feel right at home on this logitech one.
- It has some nice iOS specific function keys.  There is also an android flavor version of this keyboard.
- The case is pretty nice though it's kind of odd it doesn't cover the entire keyboard but at least it covers all the keys.  The case folds out into a nice stand.  You have multiple angles and you can do landscape or portrait.
- iPhone works fine too.  Worked fine with the hp touchpad running android cyanogenmod 7.
- It's heavier than expected but still pretty portable for a full size qwerty keyboard.
- I type around 80-95 wpm which is just about the maximum speed I type on a regular keyboard.
- I like how this keyboard is more or less generic so it should work with future versions of any tablet, smartphone, or computer, basically anything with bluetooth.  Nothing is tied to a specific form factor like the case and keyboard combo devices.
- It uses 4XAAA batteries that are suppose to last 10 months.  Yeah! no proprietary batteries or chargers to deal with.

Highly recommended.  The keyboard feels great.  All the keys are where you expect it.  If you use a macbook or apple keyboard you will feel right at home.  Basically, you save $20 off of the apple branded one and you get a nice free case/stand to boot.  The biggest drawback though is having to carry something extra around with you but if you have some serious typing to do then it's hard to beat.

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