Wednesday, October 06, 2010

RadTech ScreenSavrz for Notebooks

- So I've been noticing lately that on the macbook pro 15" when I open the screen there are a few marks on it even after just cleaning it. It seems that the oils from your hands that get left behind on your keyboard can dirty up your screen when the lid is closed. This didn't happen so much with our mbp 13" but it was getting quite annoying with the mbp 15".
- Sure, I guess you could use the white sheet packaging material that came with your macbook but it's rather ghetto.
- Radtech Screensavrz are made of some really nice feeling material, are great for wiping your screen, and thin. Just place it on top of your keyboard before closing the lid.
- Washable
- I picked up a 13" ($15) and 15" ($17) from mygearstore through amazon since they had free shipping.

Highly Recommend. Works great!

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