Monday, March 01, 2010

World of Warcraft: Combat Log Fix

Every once in a while the combat log bugs out and is just blank. This basically kills msbt, omen, recount, etc and is really annoying. If you quit the game and restart it, that usually fixes it.

This macro:
/script CombatLogClearEntries()

works great. If your combat log ever bugs out just run that macro and it should fix it right up without the need to restart the game. I've tried it twice now.

There is also a mod that does it but I didn't bother installing it since it doesn't happen all that frequently.


The Angry Intern said...

woah! sweet, thanks for this. I've noticed this has happened to me a few times, it's really annoying. It usually happens to me right after I zone into an instance, usually I'll just turn on the built in wow-flavored scrolling combat text (which sucks) I like to use the SCT/SCDT addon.

ARogan said...

Yeah it was a big pita. Even /reloadui didn't even work for me. But this little macro does the trick!

Anonymous said...

This never was a fix for this issue. It is a work-around. This problem will continue at a later point and you will have to apply the work-around again.