Sunday, September 27, 2009

XB360 Max Memory 2GB (XBOX 360)

left to right: standard microsdhc card reader, pc software, max memory, official xbox 360 512MB MU

PC software:

CodeJunkies (they also have a 4gb version for $50)
- I picked up the 2gb version from best buy for $40
- Your typical official xbox 360 memory unit only has 512MB of space and goes for $30. The max memory actually has no internal memory. It's basically a special adapter that takes standard micro sdhc cards and makes them look like a regular xbox 360 MU. This is great if you have multiple xbox 360's or if you like the convenience of saving all your save games and profile data on a MU so it is easy to move around. So it's not just for you hard driveless xbox 360 arcade owners.
- I promptly removed the included 2gb microsdhc and replaced it with a 16gb one I had.
- With 16GB of storage space I'll never have to worry about running out of space or moving older saves to the hard drive (if you have a lot of oblivion, fallout 3, gta 4 saves you know what I mean. Those can add up really fast). With this much space you could also just have a copy of all your xbox live arcade games on the MU so you can carry them around with you.
- The microsdhc slot on the max memory is NOT spring loaded. It is just friction based but I found the micro sd card easy to remove and still held firmly in place.
- If you stuck in a new micro sd card in like I did you will need to format it first on the 360 (system, memory, highlight max memory, hit Y) since MU uses FATX file system vs the usual PC fat32. After that it works just like any other MU except it shows 14.8 GB Free!!!!
- Next, I copied over all my save files, gamer pics, themes, etc from my old 512MB MU to the max memory.
- Certain games like all the rock band games have their save files protected so you can only MOVE them. Also, you may only copy the save files for the currently signed in profile. So if you have multiple profiles and associated saves on the MU, you'll need to log into each profile and move their associated saves.
- Profiles of course you can only be moved. After that all my data was on the new max memory MU.
- Installing the PC software lets you do several things like backup/restore an image of the entire MU and backup/restore individual save games. I grabbed the latest version here and after that it had one more update it found when I ran it. You must run their software in administrator mode.
- As a side note if you have purchased their older Xbox 360 Transfer Kit which basically contains a usb adapter that lets you read the standard MU on your pc, it also works with the above software. Granted you need to install the latest XPORT 360 mainly for the drivers for the dongle but after that the Max Memory Manager will see it just fine.
- Max Memory is a lot better when it comes to PC access. Since it's just a standard microsdhc, you can use any microsdhc card reader or if you have an adapter, any sdhc reader. Once you insert the micro sd card into the PC it will ask if you want to format it (since it doesn't know what the heck FATX is). You must hit cancel! It's a bit annoying this happens every time but not too big of a deal.
- Xplorer360 will also see the micro sd card just fine though I find little need for it. The official code junkies software is quite polished now. Everything runs fine under windows 7 x64.
- So with the max memory manager you can backup your entire MU for peace of mind. It also has built in compression for these image files to save a little disk space.

Highly Recommended! If you every find you need an xbox 360 memory unit then this is the one to get. For just $10 more you get 4X the memory of a 512mb unit (or 32X if you opt for a 16gb micro sdhc card), it's the exact same size as the original MU, performance seems about the same, and you get to use any standard microsdhc which makes transfers and backing up to the PC a snap without the need of special drivers. Honestly, I can't find a single negative thing to say about this product.

UPDATE: 10/17/09
- Looks like after the next xbox 360 update this MU might no longer work anymore. If this is true it will truly suck! I mean this isn't some shady counterfeit MU from China that I bought off of ebay. This was purchased off the shelf in a freakin Best Buy!!! Microsoft, you are becoming as bad as apple!

UPDATE: 4/5/2010
- So I finally payed a couple of bucks in postage to send my unit back for replacement with the new version that works with the latest dashboard. Just follow the instructions here.
- I got the replacement unit in about a week along with some new instructions. It's basically a rename hack. Instead of one contiguous block of space you have 4X512mb "cards" on a 2gb sd card. You "switch cards" by renaming the card to "card 1" or "card 2", etc.

- The whole point of the device is now moot since USB Memory support is coming on April 6, 2010.


The Druid said...

Does it still work after the Xbox update?

Unknown said...

it hasnt they have said that they will replace the MU that dont work with the updated one

ARogan said...

I haven't tried this yet:

ARogan said...

Seems like a rename hack. Instead of one contiguous block of space you have 4X512mb "cards" on a 2gb sd card. You "switch cards" by renaming the card to "card 1" or "card 2", etc.

Steve Robbins said...

many thanks. Finally found the solution to backup/restore my saves. Thanks to this that I have transfered my files to my 4gb MU