Saturday, March 28, 2009

iSkin Solo Case for iPhone 3G
- Only after a few months the leather started separating from the inner plastic lining on the corner on my Griffin Elan Form case. Sure it was still under warranty but you have to ship the case back and then what are you suppose to use in the mean time?
- A co-worker had the iSkin Solo. It wasn't your typical super sticky silicon skin. It had a smoother plastic texture, yet still slightly rubbery with a slight grip. I like to keep my iPhone in my front pocket, and this way it doesn't invert your entire pocket when taking it out. I still prefer the feel of the leather on the Griffin but the seam where the two halves of the case join also bothered me a bit. The solo is a nice single solid piece.
- It also has more complete coverage including the sleep and volume buttons.
- It's a bit pricey but I found it cheaper on ebay (about $22 shipped). Acutally it's only $21 at amazon right now.
- This case isn't as rigid as the griffin so my guess it probably offers a bit less protection in some ways.
- Also, be a bit careful about the finish on the case. It's possible to permanently damage it if you aren't careful.
- I'm using this case along with the Power Support Anti-Glare Film which I already had installed.

Highly recommended especially if you can find it at a discount.

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