Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nyko Wii Perfect Shot

$20-25 at amazon.
HVG2: Smart Gun Pro for around $18 at Fry's.

- The hvg2 is an exact clone of the Nyko Wii Perfect Shot except it's all white. I got a great deal on it bundled with House of the dead 2 & 3 return for only $35.
- Real Iron (err plastic) sights that actually work!!!! The cross shaped d-pad on the wiimote becomes the front sight. It actually works pretty well.
- Nice normal shaped gun/trigger placement vs the much more awkward and bulky wii zapper. Trigger pull feels fine.
- Nunchuck port is on the base of the grip.
- Kind of annoying that you have to remove the wrist strap before you can insert the wiimote into the gun.

Highly recommended. These are MUCH MUCH better than the official wii zapper. I also picked up a few more light gun games to try these out with.

The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return
- Works great with the new guns. You have several options for the crosshair including just turning it off which forces you to use the iron sights for that authentic arcade feel.
- Just give the gun a little vertical shake to reload. It feels very natural.
- After calibration accuracy was very good keeping close tracking to my iron sights across the entire TV.
- With two guns it's a great two player game or dual wield.
Excellent Wii port!!!!

Medal of Honor Heroes 2
- There is an arcade rail shooter mode that's pretty fun. You have some limited control using the nunchuck: ducking, zooming, some sniper scope zooming controls. You don't have any actual direct control over movement.
- I couldn't find an option to turn off the crosshairs.
- But you wouldn't want to anyways since alignment difts quite a bit if you don't stay near the center of the tv. There is no traditional light gun calibration screen. I guess I can understand this since this is primarily an fps not a rails light gun game.
- Arcade mode seems single player only.
- Still, it's a pretty nice fun bonus mode that is only enhanced by having on of these guns.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about picking one of these up at Fry's online, but they have 2 different models. One is $6 and one is $18. For the life of me I cannot figure out what the difference is. They use the same picture and have no description. Do you have any idea? I assume you had the V2 due to the $17.99 on the sticker. Any insight will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

ARogan said...

I picked mine up pretty much when they first came out. Sorry, I have no idea which version it is. There was only one available at fry's at the time.