Monday, February 25, 2008

Electroline FT08100 Drop Amp ($105)

note: the 8300 is out now that replaces the 8100:

I picked this up recently because my hdhomerun has been having some drop outs. I noticed signal strength was good (mid 90's) but quality was in the 80's and sometimes in the upper 70's.
I know the cable coming into the house is split 5 ways in the attic. I haven't been up there in a long time but I know a few years ago time warner added multiple splits up there so my cable modem got the first split. Anyways, I head up there and it's a MESS with 3 splitters!!!! Of course the room the HDHR is in is on the last split. So I remove all the splitters, the motorola signal booster, and put in this single drop amp. I attached 3 terminators to the ports I wasn't using. All my in house wiring is still rg-59. Back in the bedroom where the hdhr is, I've got it split 3 ways (monster splitter) without any additional amp. Signal strength and quality is now mid 90's for both hdhr tuners. The zero return is suppose to work great with bi-directional cable set top boxes and cable modems. I can't say much about the cable modem since I've gone DSL now. The STB's are still working fine. I might run two more dedicated rg-6 lines from the electroline just because I can (love having 8 coax outputs up there) and eliminate the 3 way split in front of the hdhr. I might just leave it as it is since it's working fine now. FYI, you need to supply your own coax cable to connect between the ac adapter and the drop amp.

I highly recommend this drop amp. It's a tad expensive but worth every penny!

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