Monday, January 21, 2008

Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebook

left: mx610; Right: vx Nano

Receiver is TINY!

Receiver also stores inside the mouse for travel:

- $50 from best buy.
- Smallest receiver of any wireless mouse. It's definitely small enough to leave plugged in all the time with no fear of breaking it off. The only thing better would be built in bluetooth.
- Notebook sized mouse but still pretty comfortable for the most part.
- 5 button mouse. The back/forward buttons are actually on the top of the mouse and not on the side where your thumb is. So you are expected to use your index finger for the back/forward buttons. It's easy to reach due to the size of the mouse but it does take a bit getting use to. Also, the middle mouse button is NOT the scroll wheel itself. Instead it's a button directly below the scroll whee. Clicking the scroll wheel toggles between frictionless and clicky. It's nice that all 5 buttons are on a notebook sized mouse but these changes do take some time to adjust to.
- This is the first frictionless wheel mouse I've owned, and I have to say it's very hand scrolling through a LOT of text quickly while browsing or coding.
- Laser tracking works great on almost any surface.
- No drivers needed. Everything works without drivers except tilting the wheel left/right.
- Uses 2XAAA batteries. It's suppose to last 6 months. Has auto off. There is also a power button on the underside.
- Impressive packaging; also includes a carrying case and usb extension cable/stand.

It's a pretty good mouse for use with a laptop. A perfect mouse would be laser, full sized with normal 5 button placement, and this tiny nano receiver (or bluetooth). Also, it's a tad pricey.

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