Monday, November 05, 2007

XBOX 360 Arcade

XBOX 360 Arcade
- This is basically what is replacing the "core" (aka tard) sku at the same $280 price point.
- There are a few nice upgrades like a 256MB MU, wireless controller, HDMI, and 5 free FULL arcade games that comes on a disc.
- I picked it up at best buy a week or so ago. Here are the build details:
team: CSON
lot: 0735
mfg date: 09-05-2007
hitachi optical drive
Looking at this I'm pretty sure I don't have a falcon (65nm). Oh well. At least it does have the new heat sink and HDMI which is what I really wanted.
- I stuck another 120mm fan on the right side of the 360 forcing air into the console.
- This is my second xbox 360 which I will leave connected to my new home theater. I have an older 360 (no hdmi) upstairs hooked up to a samsung 40" LCD over vga that I use mostly for gaming. This way the new 360 becomes more or less my dedicated HD-DVD player (and some games on the side). Now I just leave my profile and save games on the MU so I can easily move between the two 360's.
- I had upgraded my older 360 to a 120gb hard drive earlier this year so I have a 20gb 360 hard drive just sitting around which I promptly slapped onto this new 360. That way both of my 360's have hard drives.
- I've been playing some Halo 3 and HL2 Orange Box and all is good so far.

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