Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Logitech Cordless Mediaboard,en

Circuit City has it for $60
$50 shipped from

- Designed for ps3 but I'm primarily using this with my htpc.
- Light, thin, compact, good range, uses 2.4ghz
- Mouse touchpad works great with tapping to click and scrolling area on the right.
- No drivers needed (winxp).
- Keyboard has a good feel.
- There is a new more expensive "pro" model that is bluetooth based but this one is just fine for pc use. At $50 it's a bit more reasonable now vs when it first game out. It's a lot cheaper than the diNovo line.
- I actually found the mouse left/right click buttons on the keyboard quite handy and comfortable to use. Too bad it's missing the windows key. You might be able to remap one of the keys with something like this (haven't tested yet):
- Has a manual on/off sliding switch. Not sure if it auto turns off (doesn't mention anything about it anywhere in the manual).
- It's also not bad for gaming once you add a dedicated wireless laser mouse like the logitech mx-610. I just prefer a single integrated key/mouse for surfing and general pc maintenance. It's just more comfortable, and I don't have to have a space next to me for the mouse.

Highly recommended for HTPC use.


Brian Lim said...

Hi, do you find the battery life reasonable? After using for almost 5 months, do you still think it is still recommended as compare to dinovo line?

ARogan said...

Battery life has been very good. I'm using NIMH rechargeable and they easily last several months. As far as price and value goes I think it's great if you can live without the windows key. I'm sure the dinovo line is nicer but just not worth the money IMO. I've got two mediaboards now, and I'm thinking about getting two more.