Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Logitech z5300e 5.1 THX speakers

Here is an older review I did back in 2005. Anyways amazon now has them for $90 after $40 MIR.

- I picked some up at amazon:
They were $150 - $30 rebate = $120. Rebate has already ended.
- This is the second to the top of the line (z5500) 5.1 speakers. The big difference is wired remote, "only" 280w rms, no dd or dts decoding, a lot cheaper. This is pretty much only for computer use and accepts 6 analog inputs (2 each on the 3 1/8 mini jacks). Don't get this for home theater or game console use.
- No standard speaker mounts so for my rear stands I had to get kind of creative with zip ties. Wires are attached to the speaker and terminate into standard RCA phono plugs. Still pretty easy to buy extension cables but not as easy as bare wire. The little feet are easy to remove if you need to cram the satellites into small spaces.
- sounds really good. I tried some music, freeway scene in matrix reloaded, counter strike source, and doom 3. I really like how at lower volumes it properly balances the sub woofer. On other speakers in those conditions all you would hear is the sub and pretty much nothing else. Plenty loud enough with no distortion cranked up. Completely silent(no hiss) when there is no sound. I'm using this with nforce2 soundstorm. I'll be moving to an Audigy 2zs when I build my new pc.
- good controls to let you adjust center, sub, and fade (front vs rear).

Overall, I think these are a very good value at $120.

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