Friday, May 18, 2007

Logitech G5 Laser Mouse (revised)

- I've been using a MX518 for the longest time as my primary gaming mouse. I never switched to the "G" series since Logitech did one of the dumbest things ever. They dropped the "forward" thumb button. I'm so use to having that button that it's critical in any game I play. Plus it's quite handy to have the forward button while browsing.
- Finally the G5 has been re-released with a few nice improvements including the missing Forward button. That's right both thumb buttons are back now!
- Braided Cord. Longer than the mx518 too.
- Little weight tray. I like my mice lite so I just leave the tray empty.
- Big feet for one of the smoothest, frictionless mice I've owned. It really does feel great especially on a func 1030 mouse pad.
- Nice clicky mouse wheel.
- Price was crazy expensive. $70 at best buy. I had some reward dollars I had to spend before they expired.
- On the fly sensitivity changing. Everything works fine even without setpoint. FYI setpoint hates KVM's. If you happen to plug in your mouse through a KVM and you switch to a different computer and back you lose th scroll wheel if setpoint is installed. This is not an issue if setpoint is NOT installed. FYI, I do have this mouse plugged directly into a usb port.
- Not a big fan of the cracked blue mud look.
- Nice texture and grip on the sides of the mouse.

This is definitely my new favorite gaming mouse. Highly recommended if you can find this new version of the G5 for say less than $50.

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