Monday, February 19, 2007

Logitech Cordless Desktop Comfort Laser

- I've been looking for a wireless desktop that had a split keyboard. I love the original Microsoft natural keyboard and this looked like a good replacement.
- usb and ps2 support. I went ahead and used it through my belkin kvm with ps2. Worked fine without drivers.
- Each device takes 2XAA.
- I don't like how the insert/delete/home/end/page up/down keys are flipped into a vertical 2X3 cluster. I guess I can get use to it.
- The keyboard is quite a bit smaller than the MS natural keyboard. I like the size.
- There are some odd shaped keys (like the larger T and N) and the grouping of the Function keys but overall pretty comfortable and nothing I can't get use to.
- I like the rubber/removable keyboard wrist rest. It's very comfortable. There are fold out feet that let you create a positive or negative tilt.
- The mouse works pretty much like any of the other mx 600 laser series. It works well.
- There are setpoint drivers for both xp and vista (I tested it in both environments). Just a warning if you use this with a KVM the setpoint drivers will kill the mouse scroll wheel, forward, and back buttons if you switch to another computer and back. For that reason I'm running this desktop set without any drivers. Then, it works just fine with my kvm.
- In winxp you can increase the ps2 poll rate for the mouse. Just go into the device tree, open the properties of the ps2 mouse, advance tab, change the rate to 200 and buffer to max, reboot. The mouse will be much smoother. I didn't see anything equivalent in vista.
- The range is still too short for my tastes and you have to position the receiver just right for best results.
- Tested for keyboard lag having a usb wired keyboard plugged in at the same time. I used the wireless vs the usb wired back to back in doom 3 and guild wars. If there is keyboard lag it's almost imperceptible. For serious gaming I still prefer the mx518 usb mouse(the last real logitech gaming mouse that has both back AND forward buttons). Still, the mx600 works well enough and is fine for games like guild wars.
- A bit too pricey. I think $50 would be more reasonable. I picked it up for $70 shipped from

Overall, it's pretty much like the mx3000 except with a split keyboard which is fine by me. Recommended especially if you like split keyboards and are looking for a wireless solution.


Captaris said...

My KVM needs a scroll lock key and I find many of the new models to be missing the Scroll Lock. Does the Cordless Desktop® Comfort Laser
have the Scroll Lock key still?

ARogan said...

Yes, it has a scroll lock key.