Thursday, January 11, 2007

Call of Duty 3 (XBOX 360)

- Length is about the same as cod2 (finished on normal in 8hrs or so)
- Definitely more of the same and not quite as good as Call of Duty 2. It shows a bit that infinity ward did not develop this title.
- Graphics are almost identical with very minor upgrades. I guess the smoke looks a bit better.
- The epic set piece battles didn't seem quite as well....epic. The intense pitch battles when defending against an assault were a bit less intense. Overall difficulty was quite a bit easier on normal than in cod2.
- The final mission was a pretty big let down. It just wasn't as big in scope or as frantic as taking that last hill in cod2. In fact I had no idea I had just completed the last level until the credits rolled.
- Still a solid WWII shooter but yeah I'm getting pretty burnt out on WWII shooters.
- grenades do a LOT less damage and being able to throw them back is pretty cool.
- I like the melee dragon's lair type sequences. They are pretty easy but look cool. I wish it had a few more.
- Driving jeeps were ok but I think I had more fun shooting in cod2 than driving in cod3.
- I haven't tried multiplayer yet.

Easy, accessible, competent by the numbers WWII shooter. Recommended if you aren't sick of the genre yet.

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