Friday, November 24, 2006

Pelican The Cooler (X360)

- $20 at gamestop
- slight redesign of the fan stand. I like this one better since it doesn't have the useless "wings" for storing stuff taking up space.
- draws power from USB so no chance of burning out your power plug like some reports I read about the Nyko Intercooler.
- It's much quieter than the Nyko but tests show it cools a bit less.
- It has a usb pass through so you don't lose the usb plug on the back. I have the hd-dvd drive piggy backed on the cooler plug, and it works just fine.
- There is a blue led power on/off button on the front. You have to manually turn it on/off since the usb ports are powered (used for charging controllers) even when the x360 is off. That is the only draw back I see so far.

Highly recommended and safer than the Nyko Intercooler if a bit inconvenient.

nice review of both coolers:

UPDATE: 12/6/06
I took my pelican cooler one step further. I added a separate powered usb hub to power the pelican fan so it's no longer even connected to my x360. On top of that I added an X10 appliance module in front of the AC adapter for the usb hub. Then I have an IR -> X10 command module. Then, I programmed this all into my "play x360" activity on my harmony remote. Now when I hit that activity it turns on everything including the pelican fan (and also off when I shut everything off). Yes, I'm THAT lazy!

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