Saturday, July 29, 2006

God of War (PS2)

I finally went back and finished this after stopping for 7 months (getting the X360 distracted me).
- finished in around 10 hrs on normal.
- Some frustrating platformer bits toward the end. Lots of timed puzzles with no room for error.
- Camera is NOT user controllable and sometimes they are just BAD!
- great gfx, sound, music, solid enjoyable combat, great combo system with just the right balance of learning curve and depth.
- some truly great boss battles with some dragon's lair button sequence gameplay thrown in there.
- same dragon's lair stuff lets you finish off some of the bigger creatures.
- true adult content with over the top gore and topless nudity (including 3 way sex mini game but you don't really see anything).
- tons of extras/unlockables with making of and silly alternate skins.
- great skill level system where if you die consecutively a few times it asks if you want to change your difficulty to easy.
- pretty well spaced out save points. It causes frustration sometimes.
- I enjoyed the story with some nice twists in there. Great cut scenes. Satisfying ending.
- excellent level/puzzle design.
- It's only $20 new right now.

Probably one of the best 3rd person action games out there (right up there with Ninja Gaiden). If they just toned down a few of the more frustrating platformer bits it would be perfect.

Highly recommended.

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