Friday, May 12, 2006

Halo 3 Trailer (X360)

Ok, A few of us guys around the office watched this trailer the day it was released, and we ALL thought it looked good but obviously pre-rendered.


We won't ruin the content of our short presentation by describing it frame by frame, but we will note that everything you're seeing here is being rendered in real-time on the Xbox 360, using the current version of our Halo 3 game engine. The HDR lighting, self-shadowing, GPU-run particle system and many other effects should make it intact (and more) to our final game.

"The trailer was built to have minimum impact on the development process"

We demonstrated the real-time nature of the demo after the press conference (thanks to our friends at Pioneer with awesome audio-video assistance) to a small group of reporters, so we'll wait and see what their judgment on the presentation was, but you should feel free to make your own.

The trailer was built to have minimum impact on the development process, and while it required long hours and hard work from many, many Bungie staffers, it utilizes real-game assets, fiction and locations from parts of the "real" game.

Now tell me the ps3 looks $200 better than that! (but of course I'll still be buying a ps3)

Wow, I think this is the first time I've ever been really fooled into thinking that some real time footage was pre-rendered. I'm VERY impressed.

More details on the real time nature of the trailer (master chief is controllable):

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