Sunday, April 16, 2006

Transfer Kit for XBOX 360

- bought it direct for $15 from Code Junkies
- also available at best buy now
- do NOT install the drivers from the disc. instead follow these instructions:
so you can use XPlorer360 instead (which is much more powerful).
- Installation was a snap and the device and XPlorer360 works great. You can easily backup the entire memory card to an image or you can manipulate the contents on a file or even folder (recursive) level.
- This should be a nice way to backup your saves if they aren't locked or tied to your live account (can you say 125 oblivion saves) or trade saves over the internet.
- You also get an original xbox 1 memory card reader but I didn't test that since I already have a megaxkey which works great.

Highly recommended.

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